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The blooms are gone from the trees, and the apples are starting to grow. We’ve scheduled two work parties to take place on May 30th (led by Don Ricks) and June 6th (led by Adam Wargacki) for putting footies and other pest deterrents on the fruit, along with thinning the apples. The work parties will run from 10-2, and it’s rumored there may be smoked salmon there. You can bring something to share. We’re also hoping for some musical accompaniment. Additionally, at the May 30th work party, you can help Shin Yu Pai (a noted local Haiku poet), who’s received a grant for a Haiku project in the orchard as part of this year’s Heaven and Earth art exhibition, put paper bags on some of the trees, which will later become Haiku poetry.

If you’d like to learn more about how to effectively put footies on the apples, check out this Youtube featuring Don Ricks.

We’re also planning a work party on August 15th to start picking fruit for the Festival of Fruit. We’ll also be pruning, and doing general clean-up of the orchard. Gotta look beautiful for September 19th.

Here is the schedule for the upcoming Steering Committee meetings.  They will be held at the Bitter Lake Recreational Center, beginning at 6:30 pm.  The meetings are scheduled for the Family Room but please look for signs as we are often moved to another space. Anyone is welcome to attend and contribute their energies.

On April 18th, we celebrated Earth Day in Carkeek Park by doing quite a bit of weeding and mulching, making the orchard look much nicer.

IMG_2022   Raw material on left,

the finished product below.      IMG_2026

The 2015 Valentine’s Day work party took out a lot of wood out!  For those of you with a bunny or who like to cook with fruit wood we left a bunch of apple trimmings down down by the trail.

Fran took some pictures at the work party, pictures below.


WP_20150214_11_17_54_Pro (2)


WP_20150214_11_28_33_Pro (2)



WP_20150214_12_05_47_Pro (2)

Last year on Sept. 14th we had a successful Festival of Fruit.   See link to the side or link below to see what was planned…..that is what we did.


Piper’s Orchard in Carkeek Park, Seattle, WA, a historic fruit orchard, may be reached from Carkeek Park’s lower meadow parking lot ( Seattle Park’s directions to Carkeek here ), by walking up along Piper’s Creek.  There’s also a new trail leading down from the park entrance (near the Environmental Learning Center).  An alternative way to reach the orchard is by following the ravine from the park’s small southerly McAbee entrance.  The McAbee parking lot and trailhead are behind the QFC from Holman Road, off of NW 100th Pl. at 6th Ave. NW.


Play “spot the orchard” with this google map flagging the McAbee Entrance: open the link then zoom in and follow from the small parking lot down into the ravine and around by Piper’s Creek to spy the fruit and nut trees laid out in a grid.

For  more information about Piper’s orchard and activities directly related to us,  you can email us at


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