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2012 Rootbound: Heaven and Earth in Piper’s Orchard

The Rootbound: Heaven and Earth sculpture installations opened on June 23rd. There are 3 in the orchard, and they will be on display through the end of October.

The Orchard Room

Fruitless Grafting

A M’s Mended Heart

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January 2012 snow pictures

We got down to the orchard during the snowstorm in mid-January. Here are a couple of pics.

Happy Day for some sledders in the orchard
One of the art pieces from last year may serve as home to some bees this year.

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4/1/2012 posting

Check out the photos from the orchard last Sunday (4/1). Looks as though we’ve got some unusually early, healthy fruit!

Art and fruit combine. This bee house was installed in the orchard last summer as part of the Heaven and Earth exhibition at Carkeek Park. We hope it will attract bees again this summer to help pollinate the fruit trees.
Proper thinning of early fruit can result in healthier, more robust ripe apples when ripe, though it’s pretty unusual to find fruit like this in early April.
A mason bee house is already up in the orchard.
We hope the bat houses (this one near the grapes) will attract residents this year.

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