Work Party September 15 2007

The weather was great today, people showed up and walked and sat and climbed and picked from the hillside.

An orchard in summer is more special than a grocery store to kid and grandmother alike!

Without the help of don’s survey, the party picked some nice ripe kings, down there by the bottom quarter. Near there is the fruit litter garbage can that people would put fallen fruit in.

Most of the fruit is small and scabbed, but there are gems! You might need a pole picker to get ’em down.

Kudos to footies and people in the orchard!


Orchard hygene really recruits. I saw lots of folks drop an apple in the bucket.


Imagine that, fresh fruit comes from a tree!

Several family groups enjoyed the orchard for the eating, the climbing, or just the wandering around on this Saturday.

Say …..


It looks like those footies are miracle workers.. Was there less suffering from Black Spot, Apple Maggot, Coddling Moth..?


scab cleared up?

In other news jump lively … or look close:


Snakes like orchards too!


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