Work Party August 22, 2009

We had another successful work party with volunteers pitching in to bag fallen apples in the orchard to reduce the number of pests making their way from the apples into the ground where they’d stay until next spring. We also shared tasting samples from various trees with ripe (or almost ripe apples) – Gravenstein, Red Astrachan, Duchess of Oldenburg, Wealthy, Crab Apple. We were happy to have a good turnout of volunteers and tasters. And several folks took home a good bag of apples for eating and cooking. Thanks to all.

fallen apples, lots were cleaned up!

A number of apples from our bumper crop have already fallen.


An apple is trying to outgrow its footsox.


BOSC Pears


A few good people can move a lot of apples… or even hold up a tree!


Joan and Bruce discuss what varieties are ready for tasting.


Bruce shares information about one of the orchard’s varieties with tasting visitors.


Might COCA’s Carkeek Park art installation Heaven and Earth have inspired this?


we for one pass the bag to parks, compost please!


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