Work Party and Wassailing – January 16, 2010

On January 16th Sound and Fury visited Piper’s Orchard, conducting an apple wassailing to bless the orchard in hopes of a generous crop of cider apples this summer.

We had a great crew of volunteers, and others responded to various announcements to just show up and enjoy the music, dancing and celebration. We had a people count of over 50.

The volunteers cleared out a large stretch of blackberries and other orchard invaders, and hauled much of it off to composting zones. Several volunteers coached newbies on pruning techniques, and they accomplished a lot.

An Eagle Scout candidate and friends spent time staking out potential locations for a series of bat boxes they were constructing to hopefully attract bats to sunny areas in the orchard. The bats are a great environmental way to deal with coddling moths. By the end of February, we had three installed. Andy, our viticulture expert, provided some great assistance to the installation crew.

We thank all the volunteers that showed up.


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