Work Party April 17, 2010

Thanks to the volunteers who helped out at the April 17th work party. We weeded, mulched, pruned, planted, and enjoyed our “organic” day-old donuts. The orchard is in fine shape.

We planted Black-eyed Susans, alpine strawberry, wooley yarrow, dark dancer clover, lupine, and more as a guild planting.

‘Guild Planting’ is a permaculture concept whereby one plants certain plants together to benefit each other, and the orchard tree they are planted under, by providing mulch, nutrients, and attracting beneficial insects to help with pollination and protection from pests.

Some of our "Guild planting"

We appreciate Lori Brakken, President of Seattle Tree Fruit Society, for her donation of some of our new plants.

Over the fall and winter months, Andy Zaborski planted several varieties of grapes, all of which were in the Pacific Northwest during the time when Piper’s Orchard was planted. They’re now leafing, and are now accompanied by a bat box with a Mason bee house on it.

New grapes with bat box and Mason bee house

We were able to use the new trail that is being completed from the entrance to Carkeek Park to just north of Piper’s Orchard. The STARS work party was busy Saturday morning graveling the trail.


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