Work Party, May 15 2010

It was a beautiful day in the orchard.

Time for work and relaxation in Piper's Orchard

May 15th proved to be a glorious spring day for a work party. Don Ricks, following his work with the Good Shepherd Orchard in the morning, led the work party. Volunteers put up pheromone strips and a few trichogramma wasp houses, placed footies on the few apples that were large enough, applied cardboard bands around tree trunks, netted one of the smaller trees, thinned some blossoms and apples, and cleared brush from around the developing grape plants. The 180 pheromone strips placed throughout the orchard will not touch the fruit, are not a pesticide, and only confuse male codling moths by scent.

Volunteers were rewarded by Lori Brakken, president of the Seattle Tree Fruit Society, who provided apple pie and beverages for everyone.

Following are some photos. Thanks to our volunteers.

Pheromone strips, footsox, and other critter deterrents

Don hangs pheromone strips from a tree.

No codling moth here yet

Foot socks / maggot barriers were put on some young apples.

Netting over a hawkeye (predecessor of the delicious) apple

The trichogramma house for wasps that help control codling moths.

Cardboard bands can capture codling moth eggs.

a vintner's tools

The grapes are thriving, they'll need some watering soon.

Andy clears brush away from the grapes.

Fun times in Pipers


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