June 8th Foot sox

On June 8th we had a good crew applying foot sox and other barriers on baby apples to protect them from pests. We enjoyed perfect work party weather, mid-60’s with the sun appearing during the last hour.IMG_0804

A number of paper bags had already been placed on some of the fruit. In addition to nylon foot sox, a good number of plastic baggies were also put on.IMG_0807

During this time, we also thinned the apples, and focused on the trees that have the tastiest varieties of apples. We were fortunate to be serenaded by Will Morgan and Susanna Wegner. Work’s much more enjoyable when you’ve got some good conversation and music to help you pass the time.


Don shows Bob his battery-operated plastic bag applicator.IMG_0802

We so appreciate the 15 volunteers who showed up.

IMG_0806 IMG_0803


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