July 13th Piper’s Orchard Work Party/Non-Work Party

Piper’s Orchard is shaping up with apples doing well, and looking terrific. We had a great group of volunteers from Seattle Works as well as several of our regulars working in the orchard June 7th. Thanks to Don Ricks for leading the work party and to Barb Burrill, City Fruit and Shan Burton, Seattle Parks & Recreation for coordinating. Volunteers covered about 2000 apples with foot sox and made a significant dent into the mulching needs around the trees, which improves both tree health and orchard beauty.

We hope you and friends will mark your calendars for next Sunday, July 13th. We’ll have a work party from 10AM – noon to continue the mulching, with some musical accompaniment from our talented minstrel Will Morgan. Come with some sturdy shoes and water, and a wish to have some fun.

Then from noon – 2PM (or whenever) we’ll have a non-work party.

Come to the orchard, bring something to share (no alcoholic beverages in Seattle Parks), and bring a friend. Maybe we can bribe Will to stay and play! It’s rumored our intrepid work party leader will bring some smoked salmon, and there should be other goodies. It’ll be a great picnic!

While you’re in Carkeek Park, you can also visit Heaven & Earth VI – As Above, So Below. It’s opening the afternoon of July 12th at various locations in Carkeek Park. You can also find it on Facebook.

By the way, there’s a series of photos I posted from July 4th on our Facebook page. Here are a few of them.01f3ecc5761c07dd4df7ad3a78e457dfac99c5e032 01a206055ff71525723ddbe38cf392ecae358b8c26 011dfee78734513612053ca0dc29e33606d451fb5b 01b75ddaa26227732ac76a33f024698340f4142a43


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