2016 Festival of Fruit

We hosted the 10th annual Festival of Fruit on September 24th. We were fortunate to have good weather and a good crowd who enjoyed Tilly’s Café, where they bought both store-bought and (even better) home made pies from the apple pie contest.

A number of visitors brought apples from their yards for identification, where representatives from the Seattle Tree Fruit Society were able to use an application to aid in identification.


We made lots of cider in advance with apples from Piper’s Orchard and others from the Seattle area. But kids also had a chance to practice making some.


We also offered a number of apples from the orchard and other heirloom varieties for tasting.


We were fortunate to have some talented musicians to entertain us.


Kids enjoyed creating their own apple art.


Mason bees visit the orchard, staying in houses provided by City Fruit,  and pollinate the trees.


The Master Gardeners provided information and activities for our visitors.




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